Wafer and Kleiza Reunited

And this time it’s not on the Nuggets bench but on B.C. Olympiakos, one of the best teams in Greece.  This is the same team that took Josh Childress and his great hair from the NBA last year.  They also have offered Allen Iverson and Nate Robinson contracts this summer.

Kleiza is getting around $10 million a year, compared to the 2.7 million the Nuggets were offering so he’s making the right move.  Once Europe realizes he plays no defense and can’t make a jump shot, they are going to realize the mistake.  Von Wafer on the other hand is going to try and prove that he is a legit scorer.  I don’t know how well his style of non-passing will work in Europe, where fundamentals and ball movement are the norm.

While I will miss the Lithuanian, his hustle, and his great fans that fill up a section at least 3 times a year, I wish him good luck in Greece.  He’ll probably be back in the league in a few years, and hopefully the time overseas will serve him well.

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