Preview of the first round

Well if the Nuggets don’t learn how to stop the Suns’ pick and roll you can kiss Denver’s chances of advancing to the Western Conference Finals goodbye.

You can say Denver didn’t play defense, you can blame the coaching staff or you can say the Nuggets were tired from the night before. But the bottom line is the Suns are a good three-point shooting team and the Nuggets are a inconsistent shooting team and it showed Tuesday.

Not much else you can say, but it might be time for the Nuggets to start tweaking for next season.


  • Arron Afflalo played great D on Steve Nash, too bad he didn’t get much help.
  • Ty Lawson came in and played well, scoring 13 points and five assists.
  • Carmelo Anthony had 28 points and six rebounds.


  • Chauncey Billups (5-13, 1-6 threes and 5-6 FTs) had 16 points and zero assists.
  • JR Smith had 11 points on 4 of 13 shooting.

Of course there is a chance that the Suns, who are the most overrated team in the NBA, beat the Jazz tonight. However, if pigs fly the Nuggets could be hosting the first round of playoffs against the Jazz.

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  • zakk

    that lose was awful last night and i know this doesn’t matte much but….im a die hard nuggets fan from NY and i only get nationaly televised game. So i was watching on TNT and one of the announcers say this awfully wrong commet….he says that dantely and karl have different rotations(true). then he sed that dantly likes the speed and quickness of lawson and plays him often while karl loves the defense and veterenness of carter, so he uses him more often….this comment is 100% false.

    • madness

      I definitely would say that is false, because AD used Carter more often than Karl did.
      When the season started Karl had Lawson as the backup PG and why not? The dude was quick, smart and controlled the game. And when he got hurt, we were really lacking his explosiveness.
      While when Dantley stepped up to head coach he used AC because Lawson was hurt, but when Lawson came back AD continued to use AC. I don’t think it was because he felt he had a better shot at winning with AC, but more of comfortability.
      The bottom line is that Lawson should be the backup PG and AC should be the third string PG. And I think Dantley finally realized that.