They're back

For weeks Nuggets fans have been wondering what happened to their team, maybe it was the lack of rest, maybe the lack of big games or maybe it was matchups.

One thing was for sure this Nuggets team is dangerous when they play like they did Saturday, just ask the Jazz as they couldn’t stop the Nuggets – who shot almost 60 percent and scored 126 points.


  • The 126 points was the most the Nuggets scored since Feb. 25
  • Denver shot .571 from the field, .421 from behind the arc
  • Nuggets outrebounded the Jazz 42-31
  • Denver had 26 assists
  • 42 points was Carmelo Anthony’s career high, despite him only attempting four free throws
  • JR Smith scored 15 points and most importantly he actually played UNDER CONTROL
  • Nene scored 19 points
  • Arron Afflalo had 12 points and made 5 of his 7 shots and 2 of his 3 treys. He also played excellent defense on Deron Williams in the first half.
  • Kenyon Martin had 13 rebounds
  • Ty Lawson had 11 points and six assists
  • Chauncey Billups had 15 points and eight assists
  • Chris ‘The Birdman’ Andersen had six rebounds and didn’t even attempt a basket
  • This was by far the best coaching job of Adrian Dantley this season


  • Officials continue to disrespect Melo: just compare his stats and free throws to the other stars that played Saturday.
  1. Williams                    15 field goals/13 free throws – .87 free throw/shot
  2. Paul Pierce               12 field goals/8 free throws – .67 free throw/shot
  3. LeBron James         19 field goals/7 free throws – .37 free throw/shot
  4. Dwyane Wade         18 field goals/6 free throws- .33 free throws/shot
  5. Anthony                25 field goals/4 free throws-  .16 free throw/shot
  6. Brandon Jennings 25 field goals/4 free throws- .16 free throws/shot
  7. Joe Johnson             21 field goals/2 free throws- .10 free throws/shot
  8. Derrick Rose            28 field goals/2 free throws- .07 free throw/shot

Denver will take its 1-0 lead into Monday’s contest at 8:30 p.m.

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