What would last season's Nuggets do?

After days of tweeting and blaming, hopefully the real world has set in with these Nuggets and they are aware they are on the brink of elimination.

Hopefully the anger and despair this team is facing has somehow reborn the heart that the Nuggets had last season. Maybe knowing the pain and anguish that Coach George Karl is going through is start and knowing how much harder it is on him to watch them play will make the team revisit last season. So what would the Nuggets of 2010 do?

  1. Stopping Deron Williams. Last season the Nuggets were the more aggressive team, pressuring, trapping and making life miserable for Chris Paul, Jason Kidd and Kobe Bryant. Maybe a call to everybody’s favorite Anthony Carter is in order, because we all know AC has a way of making people miserable when he plays. Even if AC doesn’t play, the Nuggets can’t let Williams cross half-court without a player shadowing him. They have to get the ball out of his hands and make him work every time he gets the ball.
  2. Stopping Carlos Boozer. Boozer has averaged 22 points and 11 rebounds in the first four games of the series and he’s done it easily by being aggressive. By bodying and bullying the Nuggets bigs around, last season David West didn’t have the same success because the Nuggets bigs hit first and made him work for his points.
  3. Winning second and third quarters. The Nuggets have played well to start and end the last two games, but were non-existent in the second or third.  And the blame falls mainly on their second unit. Last season their bench, JR Smith, Chris Andersen and Anthony Carter each brought energy in each game and dominated the opposing reserves. However, this year’s second unit has fizzled when they  are on the floor.
  4. Leadership. Last season’s Nuggets were vocal and made their appearance felt. This year it is Carmelo Anthony all-day all-the time. Last year, Kenyon Martin was jawing with Mark Cuban. This year he is limping up and down the court with a bum knee. Last season, Chris Andersen was the Birdman, this year he is a bird with broken wings. Last season, Chauncey Billups was Mr. Big Shot. This year he is Mr. Inconsistent. Last season, JR Smith was JR Swish. This year, he is JR Miss.
  5. AD. Lastly and definitely the most important. We all know Adrian Dantley is over his head as the head coach. But he needs to realize that he is the coach and they all need to listen, whether it is the officials, the players or his assistant. He needs to coach the entire game, not just the first few minutes of the first quarter. He needs to call timely time outs and make timely substitutions and go head to head with Jerry Sloan.

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