Ty Lawson is not getting traded

ESPN analyse Chad Ford recently raised Denver Nuggets fans blood pressure when he started a rumor that the Denver Nuggets were going to trade Ty Lawson to get into the Top 10 of the NBA Draft.

If this was anybody else, we might start getting concerned, but it is Ford who has proven over the years he has no credibility. Below is just a list of rumors that Ford has said:

  • June 2003-He started a rumor that the Denver Nuggets were going to pass on Carmelo Anthony for Mickael Pietrus, because Kiki Vandeweghe questioned Anthony’s character.
  • August 2009-He started a rumor that the Boston Celtics were going to trade Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen for Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey.
  • January 2010-Amar’e Stoudemire called him a liar for saying he was open to be traded.
  • February 2010- He said the Nuggets were dangling Ty Lawson to obtain players like Ben Wallace or Tyrus Thomas.
  • May 2010-He said the 76ers were going to pass on Evan Turner for Derrick Favors.

The best I can take from it is he either a) has very bad sources or b) he is too gullible, c) he just writes what he hears and d) he really doesn’t think the Nuggets want to keep Lawson.

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  • Jason Boutwell

    how can u say he has no credibility about the sixers passing on turner when the draft hasnt even happened, he wasnt the only one that said boston was going to trade rondo and allen for rip tayshaun and stuckey, that was a legit trade that the pistons turned down, amare is open to a trade or signing with someone else so u cant say he isnt credible and lawson could very well be had for in a trade

  • http://Nugglove.com madness

    You are right about the Rondo trade, my bad.
    But when have the Sixers made any indications they were going to pass on Turner? Ford based his information on AI and Turner not working well together.
    And from what I hear within the Nuggets organization is that Lawson is the second to last person to be traded – outside of Melo. Sure he could be traded, but he isn’t being dangled for a draft pick.

  • madness

    Alan Hahn just came out and said the Lawson trade has little merit. Chalk it down as another rumor gone south from Chad Ford.