Free Agent Options For the Nuggets (Big Men)

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Well Nuggets fans you can stop dreaming about seeing Chris Bosh, Dirk Nowitzki, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer in a Nuggets uniform – it is not going to happen. Bosh isn’t interested in Denver, Dirk is resigning with Dallas, Amar’e has a bummed knee, bad retina and doesn’t play defense and Boozer is only motivated by contracts. Let’s just say the Nuggets are smart enough to know that offering Stoudemire or Boozer a max contract is a bad news.

However, it isn’t the end of the world for the Nuggets. There are still a large amount of big man options that are on the market:

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  • H

    I like the list, but the costs you put are all very off… some players like Lee, Thomas, Scola an Haywood are all getting a lot more money than you said… also some of the scrub big men you overvalued considering they’re all about the same level as Johan

    If I were to guess the contract of the bigger names:
    David Lee: 5 years $60 million
    Tyrus Thomas: 4 years $35 million (probably next summer when he’s unrestricted)
    Luis Scola: 4 years $40 million
    Brendan Haywood: 5 years $50 million (only b/c centers always get a lot)

  • madness

    I’m not sure Haywood would get that much, I think he’d be more along the line of the mid-level. People do overpay for 7-footers, but not ones in their 30s and you can’t depend on for 30 minutes a night. I think you might be right about Lee and Tyrus though, especially with the way teams have overspent on a few players so far.
    I did overvalue Brockman and Anthony, but the reason why is because they are type of players that coaches like and coaches will play. They both work hard, fight for loose balls and play defense. Coaches still don’t know what they’ll get from guys like Petro. He’s still kind of a project, same with Mahinmi but the Spurs are high on him.

  • madness

    Damn, good call on Haywood. Leave it to the Mavs to overpay for a seldom used 7-footer.

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