Is he coming or is he going?

If you asked ESPN, Denver Post and Denver Stiffs today and Carmelo Anthony has played his last days in Denver. But if you ask Carmelo Anthony it is a bunch hoopla.

While Anthony hasn’t stated if he will sign or won’t, he has stated he is a Denver Nugget and he’s loyal to the Nuggets community.

And, while he didn’t refute Ric Bucher’s story on ESPN, he did state: Funny how people come up with there own analysis of a situation. I tell you boy……. Unbelievable.

Does this guarantee that Anthony will stay in Denver? No, but don’t you think if Anthony wanted to leave Denver he would make it apparent, instead of having sources go to ESPN?

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  • zakk

    I truly believe that Melo is leaving Denver and he knows it now. He is milking it to make it seem like he is still making his decision. He says he is going to what is best for his family, and that would be taking the max contract of 65 mil and staying in Denver. His wife, LaLa Vasquez may be one of the reasons he wants to go to NY. They are both brooklyn-born and she wants to be famous desperately. If she wasn’t married to melo hardly anybody would know who she was, let alone having her own reality show. Her ego may cause melo to do what many of us Nuggets fans very well want him not to

  • madness

    I don’t know what Melo is doing, but I’m not surprised why he hasn’t signed the extension yet. The lack of GM and Karl’s health, if those get worked out and Melo doesn’t take the extension than it is obvious he is leaving. Until than it is all rumors that aren’t going to go in the Nuggets favor because ESPN has an agenda.