Don't get your hopes of seeing Joakim Noah in a Nuggets outfit.

Noah Doubtfully In The Mix For Melo

Well the rumors that Carmelo Anthony leaving the Denver Nuggets continue to flow and ESPN Chicago has added to it. ESPN’s step-company is reporting that the Chicago Bulls would even be willing to deal center Joakim Noah to land Melo’s services.

However, as much as Nuggets fans want Noah in a deal it isn’t very likely. Noah’s defense is just as important to the Bulls team as Carlos Boozer and even, in some ways, Derrick Rose. And lets not forget that just a few weeks ago the Bulls were offering Noah a contract extension.

Of course a talent like Anthony only comes around once in a lifetime, however, if Noah would be in the deal it would leave a void on defense. And Melo and Boozer don’t exactly bring a lot on the defensive side of the ball and lets not forget that  Tom Thibodeau has made his money in the League as a defensive-minded coach. With his background, he’d be more inclined to keep Noah than lose him to acquire Anthony, even if it means losing Melo to the Knicks or New Jersey Nets.

And on the Nuggets side of the ball they are stuck in a similar situation as Anthony with Noah. An expiring contract, who may be reluctant to resign with the squad. Sure Denver could sign Noah for more and would have the rights to him next season, but that may handcuff their shot at adding another free agent.

One thing Noah would give the Nuggets, would be a more intelligent version of Marcus Camby. And Nene was at his best playing next to Camby, where he wouldn’t have to worry about being a help defender.

No doubt with Anthony on the Bulls, they could compete for the NBA title. But it would also require Noah to be a member of the squad and Denver would have to take a far more appealing offer from Chicago – one more like the one that was first reported that involved Luol Deng, Taj Gibson and James Johnson.

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  • Misslo

    Signed! Totaly agree with you!

    But say the deal gets done, and Noah (plus picks coz Anthony>Noah) comes over to Denver, how about giving Smith the chance at SF? He has the body for it, and he actually dishes the ball (on occasion…) on drives inside to Nene which Melo rarely does. It´s a risk but maybe Smith would grow into the role if there would be no Melo to fall back onto.. (1 Billups, 2 AA, 3 Smith, 4 Nene and 5 Noah would be an interesting first five)

    Don´t know why people keep talking about Deng though.. his contract is totally crap considering what he would bring to Denver.

    PS: Melo, just stay damnit:P

  • madness

    Part of that problem would be you have to depend on J.R. and I’m not so sure Karl and the coaching staff has that much faith in him.
    And it isn’t out of the question that Carmelo stays. People have to remember lots of these sources are friends from NY who want Melo with the Knicks. And nothing can get done until he says it.