Melo and the Big Apple

Is Anthony New York-bound?

Sunday’s trip to New York couldn’t have been scripted any better for the city of New York, the Knicks and of course the media and its rumor mill.

Carmelo Anthony played well (31 points), the New York Knicks defeated the Denver Nuggets in a high-scoring game (129-125) and OF COURSE the rumor mill in New York picked up again, thanks in most part to the always never reliable ESPN and the company’s very own Chris Sheridan.

Sheridan, a New York-based journalist, reported that a source told him that Anthony has told the Nuggets that he would only sign an extension with the Knicks. Of course Sheridan’s story was once again refuted by Anthony and his sources on Twitter and then by the Denver Post.

Depending on how you view Sheridan’s story, it is still pretty obvious that Anthony is and will be traded. And while New York may be his No. 1 choice, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t sign off on a trade to the Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic or even the New Jersey Nets. And it also doesn’t mean he will be dealt tomorrow, there is a chance he could be dealt after Wednesday, when free agents can be traded, but realistically the Nuggets will wait until February’s trade deadline.

And any deal would more than likely have to include three or more teams. Three teams that may qualify as the third team are Houston, Philadelphia and Detroit. Each have assets (Houston-Kevin Martin, Philadelphia-Andre Igoudala and Detroit-Tayshaun Prince) that could be added into any deal.

Also two sleeper teams that could deal for Anthony are Los Angeles Clippers and Washington Wizards, both may be below average teams but they have young and very valuable studs in Blake Griffin and John Wall and their locations could be pretty enticing for Anthony as well.

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