Final Hurrah, well Kinda

For one day at least the MeloDrama wasn’t the talk of the Pepsi Center. Instead it was the Miami Heat and the newly found trio of superstars (Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade) making their lone trip to Denver.

The Heat, who played late last night, had to play without their super, super star James and it was fairly obvious as the Nuggets once again showed they can play among the best in the League (and for some strange reason still lose to the worst teams in the League).

Bosh kept the Heat close in the opening period with eight points, while Wade struggled against Arron Afflalo’s defense. He was held to only 10 points on 4-10 shooting and was called for a charge and two turnovers in the first half.

While the Nuggets on the other side got rolling by once again playing team basketball (something they are still struggling with on the road) and pushed the lead to 60-43.

The Nuggets didn’t take the foot off the gas in the second half as George Karl kept the starters in until late in the third with the Nuggets up 94-64.

Despite the 30-point advantage, Smith continued to jack up jumper after jumper, scoring 14 pointless points in the fourth quarter.

GAME BALL: George Karl, seven different players scored in double-figures, Chauncey Billups was held to six points, but had a season-high 13 assists.

GOAT OF THE GAME: Dwayne Wade, who was held to only 16 points, missed 12 of his 19 shots and five of his seven free throws. He also had three turnovers.

MELODRAMA: ESPN’s Chris Broussard said the Knicks are still pushing to trade for Anthony, and were trying to get the Memphis Grizzlies involved to send OJ Mayo to Denver. But Mayo balked and said he wanted to play for a winner and not play for the rebuilding Nuggets.

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