Nugget Players Open To Playing Overseas

As the NBA Lockout goes onto Day 13 and there are murmurs among some of the players in the League that they are open to playing in Europe.

Ty Lawson, Gary Forbes and Italian native Danilo Gallinari are all open to playing overseas if next season is in jeopardy.

Lawson told Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post,

If they say we’re definitely going to be locked out in November, I’m going to go over there until the season starts or for the whole year,”

One issue that many NBA players haven’t realized is that playing in Europe isn’t easy. It is a different culture and any player that signs in Europe may have to sign for more than a year. And they are also in danger of injuries that could threaten their contracts and also their promising NBA career.

Josh Childress signed to play in Europe in 2008 and opted out of his three-year contract after two seasons. Former Nugget forward Linas Kleiza lasted in Europe for only one season before returning to the NBA.


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