ESPN discusses the Nuggets

If you have been staying in touch with ESPN’s NBA coverage during the offseason, and now the lockout, you might have noticed that it has been really dry. In fact, their coverage has become pretty much a joke.

This summer they have enlisted five bloggers to discuss NBA teams each day. While the bloggers provide an interesting insight and some quality material, they are far from experts. And lets not forget that many of the bloggers are biased towards their own team. Denver Nuggets fans had a chance Tuesday to look into what this panel said about their beloved team. Luckily enough for Nuggets fans, Jeremy Wagner from Roundball Mining Company was around to provide a nice balance. John Hollinger was also a part of the group.
Here are the five points that they discussed about the Nuggets:

  1. Whether Andre Miller should start over Ty Lawson:
    -It was a unanimous decision from the panel as all five said that Lawson should be the Nuggets starting point guard. But Wagner’s insight shouldn’t be overlooked, as he pointed out that Miller will likely be on the floor (like Raymond Felton before  him) down the stretch – most likely next to Lawson.
  2. Whether or not the Nuggets should resign Kenyon Martin and JR Smith:
    Two of the panelists (one being Hollinger) said Denver shouldn’t resign either one, one said they should resign Smith. However, surprisingly two (one being Wagner) said the Nuggets should let Smith walk and resign Martin. A very interesting suggestion, since most fans are ready to see Martin and his disastrous contract leave Denver. Probably the main reason why the Nuggets should bring Martin back is his leadership. He brings an attitude to the Nuggets that has no fear, which the team would definitely miss if he would leave via free agency. Not out of the question, but will Martin return for less money and playing time?
  3. Denver must resign Arron Afflalo:
    Seriously, this was a question. Not sure why anybody would say the Nuggets shouldn’t resign their soon-to-be captain.
  4. Whether Denver can let Nene walk:
    This is a debate that has gone on since the Nuggets were ousted by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs. Some fans say they should let Nene walk, others say they Nuggets should bring him back after being arguably the Nuggets best player after the team traded Carmelo Anthony. So it is interesting to see what each bloggers said. Each and every one of them said the Nuggets shouldn’t let Nene walk – except for Wagner – who, once again, provided incredibly important insight:

      That is definitely a fict or a faction. While an All-Star level talent, Nene remains an inconsistent contributor from quarter to quarter, and his lack of rebounding has hounded Denver against the larger front lines of the West; landing a larger quality player to put next to him is easier said than done. Losing Nene would usher in a complete rebuilding project for Denver.

  5. And are the Nuggets contenders in the west?
    Part of the panel said yes, another part of the panel said no and once again Wagner proved that he wasn’t biased towards his hometown squad with another great view on the Nuggets:

    The Nuggets’ post-Melo, late-season we’ll-show-you blaze of glory, fueled by selfless play, fell short of producing any playoff success as they floundered down the stretch in close games. The worst outcome of the Melo trade was for Denver to be good enough not to rebuild, but bad enough not to contend. They are staring that possibility in the face, and it might take Nene signing elsewhere to push the team into a rebuilding mode.

ESPN also provided another yawner Tuesday with a full-fledged article on how the Jazz are set up better than the Nuggets in the long run after both teams traded their stars last season (Anthony and Deron Williams).





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