Jordan Hamilton sits down with Hoopshype

While the future of the Denver Nuggets may be a bit cloudy right now, the swagger of the Nuggets rookie Jordan Hamilton has to have fans excited. 

Hamilton recently did an interview with, discussing what he is doing to stay in shape and his goals for his rookie season. He also beamed with confidence when he said,

I don’t know. I think I can bring some scoring in, and as a rookie I think there’s the possibility I can be the leading scorer next season among rookies. I think I’ve got enough confidence (to do it).

While it seems like a tough task, it isn’t out of the question. Sure the Nuggets coach George Karl isn’t particularly fond of rookies, but it doesn’t mean he won’t play them. It just means they have to work harder than the veterans to get playing time and Karl won’t make it easy on Hamilton, but the rookie from Texas has proven he isn’t a slouch this offseason.

I’m training three times a day. Conditioning workout in the morning, basketball workout in the afternoon and lifting some weights at night…I’m training with Robbie Davis from Gameshape, Inc doing some conditioning stuff – agility, swimming some days, and I do some boxing on Thursdays…I’m targeting about 215, I’m about 223 right now. Coach Karl kind of told me that that’s where I’m going to be, about 220.

Where the problems may occur is when the egos of Hamilton and Karl get in the way. It has happened many times before with Karl and his players (Tim Thomas, Nick Van Exel, Renaldo Balkman, Kenyon Martin and JR Smith to name a few). Hamilton like many of the players Karl has butted heads with is a passionate player, but he also wants to win. And hopefully that will help him earn Karl’s respect.

Hamilton could develop into a Danny Granger-type player and with a desire to prove the other teams wrong he could become a late round steal like Tony Parker or Gilbert Arenas – at least that is what the Nuggets are hoping will happen.

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