K-Mart Deletes Twitter Account After Rant

K-Mart deletes Twitter account

Kenyon Martin was never afraid of speaking his mind.

Good or bad, he let those around him know how he feels.

Well, recently it got the best of him on Twitter – in which he told ‘haters’ to ‘catch full blown AIDS’.

He later wrote, ‘This is Kenyon folks I didn’t write that about the aids! I can say some sh– but I’m not that f–ing crazy.’ And then he closed his Twitter account.

Never the less, this wasn’t the first time K-Mart got himself in trouble.

  • In 2003, when he was with the New Jersey Nets he almost got in a fight with then-teammate Alonzo Mourning after making fun of Zo’s bout with life-threatening kidney disease. 
  • In 2004, Martin and Corey Maggette came to blows after a hard foul by K-Mart. The two threw punches and both received one game suspensions. During that same season, Tim Thomas called Martin fake and used the word fugazy during the playoffs.
  • The year 2006 was a very unfriendly year for Martin. He got into it with a fan, who yelled at him, ‘suit up chump’. K-Mart motioned to his bodyguard friend, who yelled at the fan, ‘Shut your mouth before we take you outside and beat [you up].’
  • Days later, Martin got into it with a local sports personality Dino Costra. Costra antagonized Martin after the power forward asked him to step away from his locker. Martin used profanity towards Costra, who in turn said it back to K-Mart before being removed from the locker room. Costra was stripped of media credentials with the Nuggets after bashing Carmelo Anthony and Stan Kroenke later on.
  • Later that season, when the Nuggets were facing the Los Angeles Clippers in the playoffs, Martin got into it with coach George Karl during Game 2 over his playing time and was suspended the rest of the serious.
  • And who can forget in 2009 when Martin got into with the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban during the playoff series, after Cuban told Martin’s mom that the Nuggets were thugs.
  • 2010, Martin was very unhappy with teammate JR Smith after Smith an a ballboy decided to put popcorn in the interior of his car as an April Fool’s joke. And the former No. 1 Draft Pick went on a rant in the locker room, which was recorded.

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