Locked Out In Denver

For the past few months it seemed every step forward the NBA and its players made, they took two steps back. And while there remained optimism from the writers closes to the NBA, there were doubts from many outside of the ranks.

And on Monday when the players rejected the owners offer it put the 2011-12 NBA season in major jeopardy.

It’s sad, because just months ago the Republicans and Democrats were able to find a middle ground to deflect a government shutdown. At the same time, the NFL and its player ended its lockout after a heated debate.

While fans can quickly blame David Stern and the NBA and its players, the bottom line is they are both at fault. The NBA is a business and one of the toughest jobs in the NBA is helping each team make a fair share of money – while also keeping the League competitive.

The two sides decided were willing to accept a 50-50 BRI proposal, but what the players weren’t fond of was the restrictions for high-spending squads – which would limit their options in free agency. Such restrictions would be better for a league which has featured only seven different teams win a title in 11 years.

Needless to say, nobody is winning with the NBA lockout, but something needed to be done to fix a system that has been flawed over the past few years.

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