Denver Nuggets center Timofey Mozgov has been huge for the Nuggets (no pun attended), but is his value even bigger on the trade marker? Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

Grading The Nuggets Trade Assets

It’s the eve of the NBA Trade Deadline, but it’s highly unlikely that the Denver Nuggets make a major move to improve their roster.

However, that doesn’t mean Denver doesn’t have some verytradeable pieces. Timofey Mozgov would attract a lot of attention on the trade market if the Nuggets made him available. However, Chris Andersen is on the trading block but unless a playoff team is desperate Birdman will still be on the Nuggets. Youth, size, athleticism and contracts are some of the things that teams value when it comes to making a trade and Denver has an assortment of that.

  1. Timofey Mozgov (12.52 PER): Mozgov makes the top of the list, not because the Nuggets are willing to trade him, but more because of the value he has in the open market. There aren’t many 7-foot-1 athletes that are only 26 and are making less than $4 million. And with the emergence of Kenneth Faried and Kosta Koufos, Mozgov is replaceable (to an extent). No doubt, the Nuggets and their fans want to hold on to Mozgov, but would you be opposed to trading Mozgov if a team comes knocking with Anderson Varejao or Shawn Marion on the table? Both would be ideal veterans for this young Nuggets squad that still is struggling with its growth. And lets not forget that we are talking about a big man that has scored more than 10 points only four times this season and only once grabbed more than 10 rebounds.
  2. Andre Miller (15.34 PER): If there is one player on the roster that may have to find a new home before the trade deadline it is Miller. He is having his worst season of his career and has stated that he isn’t happy to be a backup point guard. And while Miller will not likely be traded, no doubt the front office will see what they could get for the soon-to-be 36-year-old point guard and his expiring contract. There are a few squads looking for a point guard, whether because of injuries or a need for a playmaker. Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami, Minnesota, Orlando, Sacramento and Utah could all use Miller’s services. One wildcard could be the Golden State Warriors, who traded Monte Ellis earlier this week. Miller has the size to play next to Stephen Curry and could give the Warriors a spark – especially if they lose Curry for the rest of the season. Another team that makes sense is the Orlando Magic, who are dealing with the Dwight Howard situation and may need to shed salaries. Jameer Nelson has struggled this year for the Magic, but he give the Nuggets a good spark and leadership of the bench. Similar to what Raymond Felton did last season, only as a better scorer.
  3. Rudy Fernandez (13.80 PER): When Fernandez plays he has been a great spark for the Nuggets, however, the Spaniard has struggled with injuries and missed the previous 10 games. And while George Karl is a fan of Fernandez, it really wouldn’t be a bad decision to make him available – especially with his expiring contract and with rookie Jordan Hamilton behind him and playing well when given minutes.
  4. Chris Andersen (19.19 PER): The Birdman is the only player on the Nuggets who is on the trade block. However,  due to Andersen’s $13-million salary it makes moving Andersen nearly impossible. However, there are a few teams that may be willing to take a shot at Andersen. One team, that has mentioned a little interest in Andersen is Miami. Andersen also wouldn’t be a bad addition to a playoff team, which needs to add extra size off the bench and are willing to pay a little more money.
  5. Ty Lawson (18.85 PER): Okay lets not get crazy, Lawson is not going to be traded any time soon. He is the Nuggets MVP and Denver can go as far as he can take them. However, does that mean you wouldn’t inquire about deals? Especially considering the value that Lawson has right now. A 24-year-old point guard, who is making less than $2 million is a rare commodity. And could the Nuggets really say no if the Boston Celtics make Rajon Rondo available or if the Golden State Warriors offer a package around Curry. You at least have to listen, right?
  6. Julyan Stone  (12.67 PER): Ask Nuggets’ fans and Stone will be a star in the NBA. Ask NBA coaches, and his size, hustle and willingness to learn makes him a nice young player to have on your roster. However, that doesn’t make him irreplaceable, especially if another team would be willing to trade a draft pick for the young prospect. Not to mention Denver could and may even get a better young point guard in the draft next year.
  7. Jordan Hamilton (13.06 PER): Hamilton has proven he can play in the NBA, he has responded every time he gets a chance to see the floor and has shown a solid stroke, willingness to rebound and also has proven he can make smart decisions with the basketball. But if the Nuggets do resign Wilson Chandler, there wont be a lot of minutes at shooting guard and small forward with Chandler, Brewer and Fernandez. If you are the Nuggets, would you turn down a trade proposal from the Charlotte Bobcats or New Orleans Hornets?
  8. Kosta Koufos (17.02 PER): Considering that Koufos was considered a throw-in in the Carmelo Anthony trade, there might not be much value for this 23-year-old big man. And the Nuggets may be alright with that, Koufos has become a favorite of Karl’s and brings an old-school feel to the game. Oh, and he also signed a three-year extension to stay in Denver. So, more than likely he isn’t going anywhere.
  9. Corey Brewer (15.01 PER): Brewer is a cheap, energy guy for the Nuggets and like Koufos is a player the Nuggets probably valuable more than any other team. Brewer isn’t a type of player that would intrigue teams, unless they could get a discount on him – but that is not going to happen. Denver will happily pay Brewer $3.4 million next year to be an energy guy off the bench.
  10. Al Harrington (16.19 PER): Ask fans on Twitter and Harrington should be the first guy traded in Denver. But he has been the most vocal player in the locker room and on the court. And due to that, Karl and the Nuggets brass won’t consider trading him. Not like there would be a fair value in the trade market, especially with him making $28 million over the next four years.
  11. Arron Afflalo (13.28 PER): It’s tough to know what the Afflalo’s value is. He’s a player that coaches love to have on their team due to his work ethic and competitiveness, it also helps that his help offensively is an added bonus. However, he is a little overrated on the defensive side of the ball and struggles to stay with smaller guards and he has been slightly streaky this season. At $38 million, Afflalo is not as much of a steal as he once was, but he is still a favorite of Karl and the Nuggets brass is not ready to give up on him.
  12. Nene (16.90 PER): The Nuggets knew what they were getting when they resigned Nene. An inconsistent big man, who is more willing to get his teammates involved then getting his own points. Now, if the Nuggets could go back three months and redo the contract, they would. Would they entertain offers for the 29-year-old big man? Sure, but fans need to realize that Denver isn’t going to trade Nene just to get rid of his contract. If that was the case, they wouldn’t have resigned him.
  13. Danilo Gallinari (18.45 PER): Gallinari is the face of the Nuggets franchise and was the biggest piece of the Anthony trade. Two months into the season and Gallinari is already Denver’s best player, he also was a big part in the Nuggets success at the start of the season. Denver awarded him with a 3-year extension and will not entertain too many offers for the 23-year-old.
  14. Kenneth Faried (22.26 PER): If this was value, Faried would be at the top. But the rookie big man is about the most untradeable piece on the roster. It’s insane some of the stuff this rookie can do at only 22 and with his potential is unbelieveable. Faried could easily be another Dennis Rodman or Ben Wallace, but he also could be something even better. Teams will come calling, but unless a top-five draft choice comes around or a player at the All-Star level is available, the Nuggets won’t consider trading the young star.

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