Happy Birthday Birdman

Chris Andersen may have played his final game for the Denver Nuggets, but it doesn’t mean we can’t wish the Birdman a Happy 34th Birthday.

He played very sparingly for the Nuggets this season, partly due to the plethora of big men on the roster but also due to his deteriorating game.

In his prime, Andersen was an energy player off the bench who was a beast on the boards with highly dunks and intimidator on defense with his shot-blocking.

However, this last season he missed 21 of his final 22 games. He also finished the season being investigated for Internet crimes against children. Even if the case works in favorite of Andersen it isn’t likely he’ll be back on the Nuggets.

He is a prime prospect to be given the amnesty clause, with two seasons left on his contract worth around $9.4 million. Not only would it open another roster spot for the Nuggets, it also gives Denver a little financial flexibility which could help in re-signing JaVale McGee and giving Ty Lawson a contract extension.

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  • L4N

    Sad news to not see any comments or follow-up to the BS “internet crimes” reports. Bird lived for the team and the city, and has a 303 on a chain tattoo on his chest. He has a big heart and has notoriously been the most charitable athlete in Denver second only to an old-ass John Elway.

  • Bfriend

    I am personal friends with the BIRD and he is a great guy, the internet crimes thing is BS, he got screwed by a girl who claimed she was 21 with false ID in hand. He did nothing wrong. Its a loss for Denver thats for sure. Hes a great guy, and would give the shirt off his back to anyone in a heartbeat, especially charities and unfortunate families, which is a daily routine for him still today. Sorry they fkd you bird, you dont deserve it.