Apr 10, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee (34) reacts during the second half against the San Antonio Spurs at the Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Moves The Nuggets Should Make This Off-Season

The Nuggets obviously have some moves to make this off-season. This past season was a major disappointment, but that was mostly due to the many injuries that they suffered through. The Nuggs will need to make several moves if they wish to improve next year, and there are two that  can make a huge difference. These moves would be simple for the Nuggets to make and would help them build for the future.

Move #1- Trade Javale McGee

McGee has been a total bust since joining the Denver Nuggets. His numbers have been on the decline each of the past 3 seasons, and now he is struggling to stay healthy. The huge big-man is an injury risk every time he is put on the floor, and the Nuggets really don’t need him anymore. The Nuggets have several young Centers that will take minutes away from McGee.

Timofey Mozgov is the first on the list that will replace McGee and his minutes. Mozgov broke out last season to score 9 points per game, and also to find himself as an occasionally spot starter. Mozgov is young and will be apart of the Nuggets future for years to come. Another young center the Nuggets have to build around is J.J. Hickson. Hickson averaged 11 points per game last year and was a big contributor to the teams rebounding. The Nuggets have a ton of talent in the front-court and letting go of McGee makes sense. The team can likely bring a draft pick for him or even a decent bench player at a position they need such as small forward.

Move #2- Sign A 3 Point Specialist

The Denver Nuggets did not have a player in the top 40 for 3 point shooting last season. That is a major problem. To compete in this league you have to have 3 point shooters. The Nuggets need to look for someone who can come in and help hit some 3′s right off the bench. A few names that come to mind are Nick Young and Trevor Ariza. I believe that either one of these players could come in and help make the Nuggets bench much more effective.

As I said before the Nuggets need to make several moves to become a contender. They are clearly a few years away from being contender, so it makes sense to find the proper building blocks. Moving one of the many big-men the Nuggets have and signing a 3 point specialist are two simple moves that will help the Nuggets build for the future.

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  • stujohn

    I am a fan of Jan Vesely. I hope he improves enough this summer to make the team and provide solid defense. Other bigs that could possibly be traded are JaVale Mcgee, JJ Hickson, and Darrell Arthur. I think you keep Darrell Arthur because he plays the best defense. McGee and Hickson are tradeable assets.
    I am also a big fan of Aaron Brooks. Brooks could make Nate Robinson expendible. I’m in favor of keeping Ty Lawson and Aaron Brooks to run the point.
    As far a the rest of the roster, players we may not see next season include Evan Fournier and Anthony Randolph. A big question mark is Danilo Gallinarie’s health. The Nugs will probably keep him next season. This will give him a chance to prove his worth. I’m a fan of Quincy Miller and would give him time to develop. I agree with the articles that Randy Foye be the 6th man. For the 11th pick in the draft, I like James Young. It’s oAbvious that I’m all about improving team defense.

    • JD

      McGee and Hickson are not tradeable assets until they return healthy from injury and are contributing. McGee could be tradeable at the deadline at earliest if his recovery goes well, and Hickson not expected much earlier than late December or January of ’15 from ACL surgery recovery/rehab. Worst thing they could do is sell low. They have Brooks expiring, and buyout Anthony Randolph if they really want to keep Vesely, who did show some promise and energy late in the season for the Nuggets. They also have Joffrey L. from France who tore up the Euro league whom they would like to see if possible, but not likely in Summer League due to the FIBA world championships this summer.

  • JD

    Mike Catalino, do you actually watch the Nuggets games or just follow the box scores and Twitter news? Calling McGee a total bust at this point is borderline ignorance if you were paying attention to games and looking at all the stats, also taking into consideration that George Karl didn’t know how to use a 7 footer on his roster, let alone the 3 he had between Koufus, McGee, and Mozgov. The last starter under Karl was Koufus who was the least risky option but also had the least reward which cost them in two consecutive playoff runs where he had to be replaced in the starting lineup. In addition, McGee had not been injury prone prior to this last year, and he did not have enough of an opportunity to work under Coach Shaw who had some experience working with big men in his previous coaching stints as assistant in L.A. and Indy. Plus, he IS coming off an injury and making over $10 mil a year (thanks former Exec of the Year and former GM Masai!) and I don’t see why any team would give up a draft pick and take on that salary for the next two years, so I suggest you do your homework on how an NBA salary cap works before popping off about trades. McGee has been an enigma wrapped up in a riddle since he’s been here, and this next season should be a make or break for him one way or another as he goes into the final year of his deal with a more attractive expiring contract to a team looking to shed a large salary slot. As far as a 3 point shooter off the bench, Randy Foye fits that profile perfectly, as we saw the negative effects of him starting at SG and then PG several times and too many minutes overall due to injuries. He managed to challenge the Nuggets single season 3′s made despite the challenges, and hit some clutch game winning/deciding 3′s throughout the season. They need a better starter quality 2 guard that can shoot, and handle the ball some to free up Lawson on screens to utilize his speed more.