Mar 14, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love (42) Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Love Rumors to Denver, Please Be False!

I repeat the title, Kevin Love rumors to Denver, please be false!  Remember when the Nuggets traded for Andre Iguodala with one year plus an option left on his deal?  Remember how that ended?  Remember the “Dwight-mare” that happened to the Orlando Magic and then manifested itself all over again in Los Angeles with the Lakers?  Unless Love signs an extension within 24 hours of being traded to Denver, which I highly (highly) doubt, the Nuggets would effectively be asking for history to repeat itself.  Why would anybody wish that upon our beloved Denver Nuggets?

Full credit to Kevin Love, his name is synonymous to the phrase “double double” like a coffee order at a coffee shop.  A first round pick from the 2008 draft, the glaring omission on Kevin Love’s resume is playoff games.  The slicing and dicing that the rumors suggest Denver would need to do to acquire Love’s services, would not lockup a playoff spot ending the Nuggets one year drought.

The rumors around the internet seem to focus on Kenneth Faried, Evan Fournier, our 11th pick in the upcoming draft and either Danilo Gallinari or Wilson Chandler.  In a nutshell, the Nuggets would give up their top two young prospects in Faried and Fournier PLUS their chance to draft another top prospect at the NBA draft next week.  Plus split up what could be one of the strongest rotations at the 3, if both Gallo and Chandler stay healthy.

This move still leaves the Nuggets with an extra power forward with both JJ Hickson and Darrell Arthur kicking around.  This move still leaves the Nuggets with Randy Foye entrenched as its starting shooting guard.  This move still leaves the Nuggets playing the JaVale McGee developmental game.  This move puts worlds more pressure on Quincy Miller to cover the minutes of a departed Gallo or Chandler.

I would much rather continue building the Denver Nuggets on Kenneth Faried, Evan Fournier and this year’s first round draft choice.  I would much rather move JJ Hickson and JaVale McGee over any of the names mentioned in the Kevin Love trade rumors.

This trade rumor just reeks of a front office desperate for a “star”.  Without an immediate signed contract extension from Kevin Love, I fear Nugget fans may be reduced to talking about how “deep” our teams use to be before Kevin Love.




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  • Adam


  • Austin

    Kevin Love is a top and 10 player in the league. Saying he’s not worth Kenneth Faried and Evan Fornier is kind of a joke. Even with the pick included this trade makes sense.

    • Len Nunes

      if Love signs long term, your right, its makes sense because its the beginning of a building process. If Love goes one and done with the team, then what? That’s why I am against the trade. I have zero faith Love would resist the temptation to test the market after the upcoming season.

      • Austin

        So you think the Nuggets roster wouldn’t appease Love, or Nuggets brass can’t retain him?

        • Len Nunes

          I believe Love wants to play in a mega market such as Los Angeles, Chicago or New York. I believe Love is out to grow the brand of Kevin Love. I would be shocked if wherever he plays in 2014-15, is the same place he plays in 2015-16.

          • Austin

            How bout them Warriors?

          • Len Nunes

            Golden State is about a 5 hour drive to Los Angeles, might be enough to entice Love to stay but I wouldn’t bet my pocket lint that he signs an extension before testing free agency

  • MarTSelectSoul

    it is. He going to the Warriors.