What’s In a Name?


Both the Lakers and Nuggets have created quite the image for themselves this season.  Now that these teams are in the final 4, all eyes are on them, and these traits have been greatly exaggerated.

On the LA end, the main culprits of this nickname include Sasha Vujacic, Pau Gasol and their ring leader Kobe Bryant.  Even on the most obvious of calls these players scream like little babies, throw their hands up in disgust, and jump up and down during their tantrums.  Yes we know Pau, your hands were straight up and down, you might as well keep them up for the next minute to prove to everyone, while showing up the refs, that they were vertical (even though the replay clearly shows the hack).  Sasha, just because you have an entire site dedicated to you doesn’t mean you’re immune to fouls.  And for you Mr. Kobe, do you really need to have every foul call explained by the refs?  Just put the pacifier back in your mouth and play some ball.

As for the Denver “Thuggets”, I think they have really embraced this nickname.  It probably came from the fact that they lead the league in tattoos, have had a few incidents with the law and on the court.  Some of these altercations include: Melo’s DUI , The brawl in NY, and most recently when Mark Cuban called Kenyon Martin a thug. But mostly it comes from the fact that they’re not going to let anyone come in and push them around.  They play tough D (on most possessions), and if someone gets by them, they’re going to foul them HARD as to not give up the easy dunk (even you Dirk).

I’d much rather be called a thug than a cry baby any day of the week.

Nuggets play tonight at 7pm MDT and can hopefully even up the series before heading back to LA. This is a MUST win game.

Keep Reading to view K-Mart’s hard foul on Dirk and the entire Nuggets/Knicks fight. This is the fight that led to the Allen Iverson trade, which in turn led to Billups returning home. So i guess it wasn’t all bad…right?

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