NBA Mock Draft

1.)  This one is a no-brainer.  Even the Clippers can’t mess this pick up

2.) Thabeet is a work in progress, but his size and athleticism more than make up for it.  Rubio’s situation is starting to scare teams away making Thabeet the choice here.

3.) OKC is filled with young talent.  It looks like they have their future PG in Westbrook, who caught fire in the 2nd half of the season, and can use this pick on a very athletic and pure scorer in James Harden from ASU.

4.) The Kings will be thrilled that Rubio falls this far and will quickly snatch up his services.  He’s far from a sure thing, but has shown flashes of brilliance in the olymipcs.

5.) Hill has slowly been climbing draft boards by impressing during workouts.  Washington is filled with insanely athletic players, and they can add one more to the roster.

6.) Another player that has shoot up the draft boards is Jonny Flynn.  He carried his Syracuse Orange team all year, and will try to do the same next year with Minnesota.

7.) Nellie loves the run and gun offense and DeRozan might be the perfect fit.  He’s 6’6″ with 4.9% body fat and can leap out of the building.  Crawford and Ellis are going to love throwing oops to this guy next year.

8.) It’s all but a done deal that if Stephen Curry drops this far, the Knicks will take him.  It’s a good fit.  The Knicks need a shooter, and he’s the best one in the draft.

9.) Clark isn’t great at any one thing, but he does everything well.  He’s very athletic, and that Raptors team could use some athleticism on it.

10.) Ramon Sessions and Charlie Bell are not the answer at G for the Milwaukee Bucks.  Evans can create his own shots, and is great at driving to the basket.  If he could develop a jumper, he could be an all-star for years to come.

11.) Nets need a shooting guard and Henderson is the best one left on the board.

12.) Larry Brown loves the touch hard working players and DeJuan Blair is the toughest player in the draft.  He was unstoppable on the boards with Pittsburgh, averaging 12.3 with almost half of those coming on the offensive end.

13.) Teague can slide right into the SG position for the Pacers.

14.) I think the Suns would highly consider Brandon Jennings if he were to fall this far, but in the end they’d take the star from Louisville.

15.) Rasheed is most likely done in Detroit and they could use a big man.  He didn’t have a good 1 year in college, but he’s huge, so Detroit can develop him.

16.) There have been a few busts out of Gonzaga (Morrison, Dickau, Frahm) and I think Daye will be no different, but I think the Bulls like him here.

17.) Finally the European PG will be taken.  If he would have just gone to college, he would probably be a top 5 player.

18.) This is a bit of a reach, but he was a great defender in college, which should translate to the next level, and has an awesome work ethic.  He won’t be the scorer he was at Pitt, but he’s a good finisher around the rim.

19.) Another PG that has slipped on the board is Jrue.  Atlanta will take him here and hope he can be the sucessor the Bibby.

20.) Jazz need a shooting guard, Ellington is the top one on the board.

21.) The Hornets will be saying Maynor’s name before the commish can even tell them they’re on the clock.  This guy can spell Paul for 10 minutes a game, and play a few more minutes with Paul on the court.  He is a combo guard and was a great scorer with VCU.  He’s not a shooter but can get to the basket at the drop of a hat.

22.) Johnson is an all-around player that is very efficent on the offensive end. He’ll do a little bit of everything for his team.

23.) Since the Kings filled their need at PG, they can go out and get the best player available.  Buddinger could never live up to the hype at Arizona, but the potential is still there.  Hopefully he can go to a coach that can get everything out of him.

24.) Portland is filled with young stars, and will get another one with national champ Ty Lawson.  He’s a strong PG that knows how to run a team.

25.) OKC gets another pick and they’ll take a chance on Tyler Hansbrough and hope he can translate his game to the next level.

26.) Summers will be Chicago’s 2nd pick.  He’s got the tools, but needs to be developed.  The Bulls can wait.

27.) Since Memphis passed on Rubio, they can pick up a more polished PG in Darren Collison.  Conley has been in a few trade rumors, so Collison could be their PG of the future.

28.) Minnesota has yet another pick, and assuming they keep it, will take Jeff Pendergraph.  He’s the most polished big man left.

29.) The Lakers have a three headed monster at PG, but none are their long-term solution.  The Saint Mary’s alum will get to stay in Cali.

30.) DeMarre is just a competitor.  His numbers won’t jump out at you, but will give 120% every night.  He was the heart and soul of the suprise Mizzou team.

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