Chauncey’s no Elway; goes back to old number

If you don’t notice something weird about this picture, you haven’t been watching enough Nuggets.  After paying tribute to his favorite player as a kid, Chauncey has decided it’s time to go back to the number in which he won his titles with.  He will don JR’s former number, 1.

“Billups was able to get No. 1, which he wore in Detroit, without much trouble. JR Smith wore No. 1 the last few seasons, but Billups said he did not have to pay Smith off — as is a common practice — to get the jersey. No word yet on which number Smith will wear.”

The No. 1 has deep meaning for Billups.

“The real significance of No. 1 is, I felt like when I went to Detroit, at the time it was my sixth team, and I had one more chance to become a star. I had a few chances, didn’t succeed.

“And so, that’s why I chose No. 1. So, every time I look down, I can never get satisfied. I can never get complacent. Because when I look down and see that No. 1, I remind myself that this is it.”

Denver Post