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Nuggets Tidbits


As the NBA Draft nears, the rumor mills start rolling.

Felton to the Kings rumors getting legs

Talks between the Denver Nuggets and Sacramento Kings continue about Raymond Felton. Chad Ford of ESPN suggested Tuesday that the Nuggets could deal Felton and the 22nd pick for the Kings’ seventh pick. He also said the Nuggets could select Jonas Valanciunas or Bismack Biyombo at No. 7.

The first thing fans need to realize about Ford is his job to put out every rumor that he hears. Last summer, one rumor involved the Nuggets trading Ty Lawson to Indiana. The Nuggets could trade up to No. 7, but not to draft Valanciunas or Biyombo. Players like Kawhi Leonard, Marcus Morris, Alec Burks or even Chris Singleton. Valanciunas and Biyombo don’t fit the Nuggets need, because both are years away from helping.

But it sounds like Felton being dealt to the Kings can possible happen on draft night.

Is Nene going to resign with the Nuggets?

The Nuggets are still working to extend Nene’s contract and according to Chris Tomasson on Twitter, Nene wants to come back to Denver. But are the Nuggets offering him enough money?

Tomasson tweeted Monday afternoon:

"It’s apparent Nene wants to return to Nuggets and they want him back but is Denver willing to offer enough to keep him from testing market?"

Tomasson also sent out a link to Hoopshype’s interview with Nene’s agent Dan Fegan.

In the interview, Fegan discussed Shawn Marion, Dwight Howard and Nene. When discussing Nene, Fegan said:

"Nenê is the No. 1 big man free agent on the market this year, maybe one of the Top 3 free agents on the market this year. If we don’t sign an extension that doesn’t mean that he would not go back to Denver. It means that he’s come so close to its free agency that he wants to explore his options. Of course we have to make that decision before June 30th. We’re speaking with Denver on a regular basis and we’ll make a decision before then."

It sounds like both sides want to hammer out an agreement before June 30, when the new Collective Bargaining Agreement is arranged, however, it seems the sides are still having issues on the money side. But Fegan did say that even if an agreement isn’t decided upon before June 30 that there is a chance Nene returns to the Nuggets.