Nugglove Mock Draft 1.2 (Final version)


Here is the final mock draft before the NBA Draft, since it seems trades are going to have a major impact on this year’s draft it is hard to predict who goes where, but here we go:

  1. Cleveland  Kyrie Irving   6-3 191  Freshman  Point Guard
    Nothing is changing with Cleveland, but again in my humble opinion, Irving isn’t the best player in the draft. He should be a good point guard in the NBA, but will have the pressure of making Cleveland fans forget LeBron James. Irving may never make it to the same level as Chris Paul or Derrick Rose, but he could be a notch below that.
  2. Minnesota  Derrick Williams  6-9  248   Sophomore  Forward
    Williams  may be the best player in the draft, he has the versatility to play both forward position and the skills to score inside and out. However, the Timberwolves may be the worst fit for him. They have a plethora of versatile forwards (Kevin Love, Michael Beasley, Anthony Randolph and Wesley Johnson) and in Minnesota it would waste his talent and the Timberwolves talent as well. I’d rather see them trade the No. 2 pick and Beasley/Johnson for Monta Ellis and the 11th pick. Ellis would give the Timberwolves a veteran guard to go with their young, talented roster.
  3. Utah   Enes Kanter  6-11 259  Freshman  Center/Power Forward
    Kanter has wowed some teams in recent workouts. He has great size and athleticism to go with his basketball IQ. Kanter did lose a year after sitting out his freshman season due to suspension. The Jazz, as of right now have a plethora of big man and Kanter will add to the group. Don’t be surprised if the Jazz trade Paul Millsap before next season (whenever that is) or move him to small forward.
  4. Cleveland Jonas Valanciunas 6-11 240 19 years old  Center
    Valanciunas could go as high as 4 or drop to 20th, but it is tough to predict who else the Cavaliers would draft if Kanter goes No. 3. Chad Ford suggested that Tristan Thompson as a dark horse.
  5. Toronto  Brandon Knight  6-3  177  Freshman  Point Guard
    In my eyee this fits much better than Utah drafting the freshman point guard. The Raptors already have their own point guard in Jose Manuel Calderon, but Knight has a better shot at playing and being successful with the Raptors then the Jazz.
  6. Washington Jan Vesely  6-11 230 21 years old  Forward
    Vesely is the most ready foreign player and can help the Wizards right away. He is long, athletic and has a good motor. Not a bad pick for the six spot.
  7. Sacramento  Kawhi Leonard  6-7 227  Sophomore  Small Forward
    If this pick is traded to Denver then Leonard makes perfect sense. He has great size, a good motor and is a great motor. He has potential to either being a Gerald Wallace or Danny Granger at the next level, any team would be alright with either.
  8. Detroit  Tristan Thompson  6-9 227 Freshman  Power Forward
    We had Biyombo going here in our last mock draft, but with the red flag about his injuries he is dropping down the board. Thompson on the other hand is rising. He has a good motor and is a good shotblocker. In fact, he could go as high as 4.
  9. Charlotte Marcus Morris  6-9 230  Junior  Power Forward
    Morris may be the more talented of the twins. He can score, shoot, can play both forward positions and is extremely confident. If Morris’ confidence just comes close to his game, the Bobcats can find a gem and Charlotte definitely needs one.
  10. Milwaukee  Klay Thompson  6-7 206 Junior  Shooting Guard
    With Alec Burks struggling with injuries, it looks like Thompson has surpassed him as the top shooting guard. Thompson is a talented shooting guard, who can put the ball in the basket. He may arguably the best shooter in the draft, but comes with a little baggage.
  11. Golden State  Bismack Biyombo  6-9 243  19 years old  Power Forward
    One team will gamble on Biyombo and why not the Warriors? Biyombo is a player that will take some time, so a team has to be patient on him. He has great size, athleticism, but also supposedly a back injury that is scaring off a few teams. Could he be another DeJuan Blair?
  12. Utah  Jimmer Fredette  6-2 196  Senior  Point Guard
    Fredette stays in Utah as the Jazz decide to wait until their second pick to draft a guard. Fredette will help which ever team drafts him and the Jazz are banking on that – on the floor and with the fans.
  13. Phoenix Chris Singleton  6-9 230  Junior  Forward
    Singleton is an athletic defender that the Suns lack. He could develop behind Grant Hill, before stepping into the starting job in time.
  14. Houston  Nicola Vucevic  7 260  Junior  Power Forward/Center
    The Rockets are still trying to find a replacement for Yao Ming and Vucevic is next in line.
  15. Indiana  Marshon Brooks  6-5 195  Senior  Shooting Guard
    The Pacers, like the Nuggets, need a go-to guy and Brooks can come in and help Danny Granger and Tyler Hansbrough take the next step.
  16. Philadelphia  Jordan Hamilton  6-8 228  Junior  Shooting Guard
    Hamilton doesn’t have as high as ceiling as other players, but he would be a solid pick at the next level and could give the 76ers a nice role player to help them replace Andre Iguodala.
  17. New York Kemba Walker  6-1 184  Junior  Guard
    With all of the moving and shaking in this draft, somebody has to drop and Walker drops right into the Knicks laps. Can’t think of a better fit in the draft.
  18. Washington Donatas Motiejunas  7 224 21 years old  Power Forward
    The Wizards go with an all foreign draft, but also go with the two most ready foreign basketball players – Motiejunas and Vesely.
  19. Charlotte Alec Burks  6-6 193  Sophomore  Shooting Guard
    Burks can go as high as the 7th pick in the draft, and if he drops to the Bobcats here it would be a steal for Michael Jordan.
  20. Minnesota  Tyler Honeycutt  6-8 187  Sophomore  Shooting Guard
    Honeycutt is a smart basketball player with a huge wingspan, he could develop into a Tayshaun Prince-type and the Timberwolves hope so.
  21. Portland  Kenneth Faried  6-8 225  Senior  Power Forward
    This another good fit as the Blazers are one of the teams that really could use Faried.
  22. Denver  Markieff Morris  6-9 241  Junior  Power Forward
    I am dead-lock on the Nuggets drafting Tobias Harris with this pick, but if Morris drops to 22 then the Nuggets have to draft him. He isn’t as talented as his brother, but he is more of a banger and has one scout comparing him to Dale Davis.
  23. Houston Darius Morris  6-5 190  Sophomore  Point Guard
    The Rockets could draft Morris with the 14th pick, but would gladly take him with the 23rd. He is in the Andre Miller-mode and is about as solid as they come.
  24. Oklahoma City  Reggie Jackson  6-3 200 Junior  Point Guard
    There are rumors that the Thunder have a promise for Jackson and I’m not one to discredit rumors.
  25. Boston Tobias Harris  6-8 223  Freshman  Forward
    Harris will more than likely go to the Nuggets, but if he drops to the Celtics it will be a steal for Boston as they get another steal late in the draft.
  26. Dallas  Nikola Mirotic  6-10  225  20 years old  Forward
    Like most of the foreign players in the draft, Mirotic is a project. He can shoot the ball, but the question is how good will he be in the NBA.
  27. New Jersey Davis Bertans 6-10 211  19 years old  Forward
    There isn’t a lot the Nets can do with a late draft pick. They are a lottery team without a lottery pick and drafting a project isn’t out of the question for New Jersey.
  28. Chicago   Justin Harper  6-9 228  Senior  Power Forward
    Harper can go in two directions, he can develop into a more complete player like Lamar Odom or he could just develop into a role player like Robert Horry or Channing Frye. No matter what, he should help the Bulls out.
  29. San Antonio  Kyle Singler  6-9 228  Senior  Forward
    Singler is a San Antonio-type player, who plays smart and can shoot threes.
  30. Chicago  Shelvin Mack  6-2 205  Junior  Guard
    Mack has been projected to go to the Bulls in a few mock drafts and he could help Chicago by taking some pressure of Derrick Rose. The best comparison for Mack is Randy Foye.