Bobby Brown Better Option than Nate Robinson?


The Nuggets have publicly expressed interest in finding a backup Point Guard. The Nuggets released to the public earlier that they were looking to possibly sign free agent Point Guard Nate Robinson.

With being open to signing a new Point Guard, there is another guy who could possibly be the best free agent signing of this season. As  reported, a top player of the Euro League Bobby Brown is an NBA free agent looking for a team. Brown, who is 28 years old, had a breakout season last year with his Euro team Montepaschi Siena. He averaged 18.8 points and 5.3 assists last season for Siena.

Should the Nuggets pursue Brown instead of Nate Robinson?

Bobby Brown obviously played against lesser competition last year in the Euro League. How much of the 18.8 points and 5.3 assists actually translates to the NBA is something that is a huge question mark. Regardless, he was playing professional basketball. Some scrub who came from nowhere will not put up those type of numbers in the Euro League. Even if those numbers are cut down in half, it is very solid for a guy playing a backup role.

The other big bonus to signing Brown is he will be a lot cheaper. He will most likely be a minimum player, and Robinson will not. The Nuggets are already paying big bucks to Javale McGee and Ty Lawson, and they will most likely have to shed out a big contract to Kenneth Faried. The last thing the Nuggets want to do is get stuck with a bad contract for the next few years. With Brown’s low contract, he could be very easily become an attractive trade asset the Nuggets can use in acquiring a true superstar.

While signing Nate Robinson could provide more of a spark off the bench, Brown could very well be the more consistent player. Robinson averaged 13.1 points and 4.4 assists per game last season for the Bulls, which is excellent for a bench player, but Brown could very well put up those numbers or even better ones for a lot less money. The easy choice here is signing Bobby Brown.