LIVE GAME THREAD: Utah Jazz vs Denver Nuggets

Apr 16, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Nuggets forward Quincy Miller (30) drives to the basket past Golden State Warriors guard Kly Thompson (11) during the first quarter at Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Nugget fans and welcome to some Tuesday night Las Vegas Summer League action.  Our Nugs host the Utah Jazz and their “man of mystery” Dante Exum.

How will Gary Harris respond from a tough outing against the Chicago Bulls last Sunday?  Will Erick Green and Quincy Miler continue to impress?  I’m hoping Chris Wright impresses.  I want this guy to make it to pre-season.

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Your Nugget starters: Green, Harris, Bowles, Kanacevic, Q Miller

Nuggets finish round robin with a record of 1-2.  The Nuggets won their game with a shooting display that most Nuggets fans are not use to seeing.  Almost expectedly, the shooting cooled off but at times was ice cold leading to their two losses.  Thanks for following along folks, hopefully I didn’t make too many rookie mistakes.

GAME OVER 87-69 Utah defeats Denver.  Miller finishes 3-17 from the field, 1-7 from 3 pt land.  Harris finishes 6-20 from the field, 1-7 from 3 pt land.  I wonder why Bowles only played in the first quarter?  Suppose that means the decision has already been made on him.  Loved the effort from Benimon and Harper.

3:54 remaining in 4th quarter, 76-62 Utah.  Jerrelle Benimon en fuego!!  Shooting 4/5 while adding 9 rebounds (most of them on the offensive boards).

5:39 remaining in 4th quarter, 74-55 Utah.  Jerrelle Benimon has looked very good around the offensive boards but equally poor around the defensive rim.  Chris Wright is in for Erick Green.  If there was a battle between these two, Green is winning handily.  Demonte Harper gets the nod for hardest working Nugget on the floor.

NBA Gametime just posted the following stat:  Nuggets first quarter shooting, 45.5%.  Since then 18.6%.  That’s not a mis-print, 18.6%!!

End of 3rd quarter, Utah leads 61-44.  Gary Harris the alley to Erick Green, oops!  The four points Denver scored were created by their defense.  The Nugs are 1-17 from three point land.  I hope we play the Raptors in the playoffs, we seem to be able to shot against them.

2:16 remaining in 3rd quarter, Utah leads 60-40.  Quincy Miller drains a three as I finished typing last update.  Jerrelle Benimon getting some floor time, has pulled down 2 offensive rebounds.  Green and Harris trying to create offense, it’s just not working.  Harris with an airball three attempt.  David Lighty on the floor now, Nugs trying everything.

5:29 remaining in 3rd quarter, Utah leads 49-35.  The Nuggets have NOT made a three point shot in the game.  I know I said I won’t comment on the defense, but the Nugs defence was definitely tighter to start the half.  The starters in the half were the same as the starters for the game minus one change.  Thomas drew in for Bowles.

HALF TIME: Utah 44-Denver 31.  Denver with a 7 point 2nd quarter.  Erick Green tried to lead the Nuggets back to respectability but his first attempt was blocked Dante Exum.  Demonte Harper missed the rebound but otherwise has played a solid game for our Nuggets.  Green would finally stop the bleeding with a basket with 1:06 remaining.  Gary Harris with another defensive rebound-run the floor-take it to the basket play.  He missed the shot but was fouled.  Harris made the two free throws.  I’m not commenting on defense because it’s Summer League.  Overall, defense will always be suspect, you are just looking for standout players on defensive end.  Denver has not produced one so far this game.

2:30 remaining in the second quarter, Utah up 40-26.  Please notice Denver has not scored since the last update.  Quincy Miller is stone cold, 1-11 from field, 0-5 from outside.  Sadly, Miller is the only Nugget trying to create offense.  Gary Harris back into the game.  Is it too early to ask him to save us?

7:02 remaining in the second quarter, Utah up 30-26.  Denver’s first three trips down the floor were all empty trips.  Wright & Brown with misses and Bowles with a travelling foul.  Bowles redeems himself with an exceptional steal on the defensive end.  Utah needs to miss shots sooner or later.  Harris is on the bench, Q Miller is back in.

End of 1st Quarter: 24-21 Nuggets lead.  Harris with 9 points.  Halil Kanacevic is having his best game of the Summer League.  Nothing flashy but he’s not sticking out like a sore thumb.  Will Thomas came in for the last couple minutes and missed an easy shot and then blocked a shot on the defensive end.  George Karl now chatting with the commentators.

1:48 remaining in the first quarter, Nugs up 20-17.  Harris with a nice steal/block on the defensive end, takes it down the court and scores on jumper from the top of the key.  Next offensive possession, Harris is fouled attempting a three pointer, he makes all 3 free throws.  True love is born!  Tim Ohlbrecht is in for Bowles and is struggling.  Turnovers and getting outworked for rebounds on the defensive end.  Wright/Brown in now, Green/Miller on bench.

5:40 remaining in the first quarter, Nugs up 10-6.  Denzel Bowles with 4 points.  Still unlikely to be seen again after Summer League.  Harris with a basket and a short memory.