Ty Lawson, Kenneth Faried Among Top 50 in NBA


The folks over at Slam just completed their Top 50 NBA Player Rankings, and there are two familiar faces to make the list.  Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried checked in at numbers 42 and 44, respectively.  The rankings make Lawson the 13th highest ranked point guard and Faried the 11th highest ranked power forward.

Here is an excerpt of what was said about each player,

"Having the build and center of gravity similar to a bowling ball, along with extraordinary speed, quickness and bounce in his legs, the shifty Lawson can apply insane pressure on defenses when he’s at his best. Though he can finish through contact at the rim despite his small stature, his drive and kick game is also on a high level when defenses collapse on him once he’s wrecked his man on the perimeter."

"Known for his rim-running and scoring in transition with Team USA, Faried was actually a legit low post threat for the Nuggs this past year. He was automatic finishing over his left shoulder with his right hand hook and showed a powerful drop step going to the rim. Out of pick-and-roll situations, Faried does a great job of delaying his roll to the rack, throwing the D’s timing off in the process. Once he has the ball with a full head of steam, he’s pretty hard to stop attacking the tin, though he can tend to get a little out of control at times."

Congrats to our two budding stars, and cheers to them making that next leap in their development.