Ty Lawson Answered Questions on Reddit Again and It’s Awesome


Yesterday afternoon our very own Ty Lawson answered fan questions on Reddit’s NBA page.  Whether you are looking for insight into the Nuggets current season or wondering who he wants to cuddle, it’s definitely worth a read.  A few of my personal favorites..

– Asked whether or not he thought the Sixers would win last night, Ty replied “Is a giraffes legs short?” Burn. Dishing out jokes like assists! (The Sixers were motivated by these comments and won their first game of the season. You’re welcome, Philadelphia.)

– When asked what it’s like going from playing in Denver to playing in other cities, Ty said he feels like he “can run forever”.

– When asked if he missed former GM Masai Ujiri, he simply replied “Duh!!!”  You and me both.

– He was asked about an in-game interaction with Nate Robinson last season, which he only responded to with “He’s getting buckets!”  This was my favorite because it gave me an excuse to post the video and watch it on repeat for the next hour.

It’s good to see Lawson kick back and entertain fans on his day off. He has been playing great basketball as of late, and is undoubtedly the driving force of this Nuggets team.  Cheers to more good basketball and even better Reddit Q&As.