Nuggets Trade Rumors: Nuggets Interested in Brook Lopez?


The Denver Nuggets trade rumors continue to dominate the news cycle. This time, the Nuggets are reportedly interested in acquiring Brook Lopez from the Brooklyn Nets, according to Chris Mannix of SI.

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It would be interesting to see who the Nuggets would decide to give up in return, seeing as Lopez is injury prone, getting older and has a hefty contract. Are we witnessing the working of a deal to send Javale McGee on his merry way out of Denver, assuming the Nets would have interest in acquiring the oft-injured center? As you can see via ESPN’s Trade Machine, a Javale-for-Brook trade works without needing to involve any additional players.

This would also be a very interesting acquisition for the Nuggets because it would send them further away from their fast-pace, fast-breaking mentality and more towards a balanced half-court offense that Brian Shaw has been trying to install into Nuggets culture since his arrival.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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