VOTE: Who Should The Nuggets Draft?


There have been many mock drafts and a lot of them have been different. Mocks have seemed to be all over the place, and range from the Nuggets moving up for Emmanuel Mudiay and also have them trading back. The question is, if the Nuggets stay put at #7 who should they take?

The Nuggets need to take the best player available at 7. Position should not matter as this team needs the player who is going to give them the most star power. Currently, if the Nuggets stay at 7 I believe that they will draft Mario Hezonja. He is the best fit, and the team needs a wing scored desperately.

If he is off the board, the Nuggets would be smart to draft Justice Winslow if he is there. The team needs a star, and someone who can score easily, and both player can do just that. As a fan, who do you want the Nuggets to take a 7? Give us your take and vote here!