New Nuggets Uniform: Opinions, Reactions, and Their Importance


The culture change CONTINUES, with a new Denver Nuggets uniform.

One of GM Tim Connelly’s biggest goals this offseason was to begin a shift in the atmosphere of Denver.

Starting with the luck of being able of being able to take point guard Emmanuel Mudiay with the seventh pick in this past NBA Draft, Connelly was then given the chance to trade away Ty Lawson.

Trading Lawson was a pivotal step for the future of the Nuggets. Not only will the Locker Room have less tension, but also the potential star Mudiay will be given more room to shine.

Continuing, the Executive of Basketball Operations has recently released pictures of the new uniforms for the Denver Nuggets as well.

Worn by none other by the Nuggets’ 2015 First Round Pick Mudiay, the Nuggets presented both a new home and away combination.

These jerseys, as seen below, have had a bit of mix reviews, with the majority being a favorable response.

Emmanuel Mudiay wearing the new Denver Nuggets Home Jerseys.

Emmanuel Mudiay wearing the new Denver Nuggets Away Uniforms.

The main criticism is the home uniforms make the numbers hard to read with the yellow and black combination. Regardless, most fans are happy for change.

Change is exactly what is important to remember when seeing these new uniforms. Arguably more important then how the new jerseys look, is what they symbolize.

These uniforms are just the latest step, to building the culture Connelly is striving to create.

Connelly’s offseason has also seen the re-signings of Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Jameer Nelson, Will Barton, and Darrell Arthur.

By retaining veteran players while adding fresh young talent, who both want to be in Denver, is key for the current GM.

Now, the Nuggets will be ready to take the court this season in their new uniforms under the leaderships of their new draft pick; Emmanuel Mudiay.

So what are your thoughts on the new Nuggets’ Jersey designs and the culture Connelly is trying to create?