TBT: The Denver Nuggets Need to Return These Skyline Jerseys

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The Denver Nuggets have had some sweet jerseys over the years, and this rainbow skyline one is one that they certainly need to bring back!

The NBA has been experimenting with many new jerseys for different teams for the past couple of years. From Christmas Day jerseys to new shirt jerseys, the league has been trying to profit from expanding into this marketing perspective.

One concept some teams have been implementing is wearing their throwback jerseys. The Denver Nuggets should follow this trend and bring back the rainbow skyline jerseys for a couple game this season.

Call me biased, but I personally believe the Nuggets have one of the best throwback jerseys in the NBA. So it shocks me when the Nuggets don’t wear these during a season, but teams like the Warriors and Heat pull out their old school looks out of the bag once in a while.

Now, I understand that the league has a lot of say in which uniform teams wear for certain games, but I just don’t understand why the Nuggets are not allowed to rock one of their rainbow skyline jerseys once in a while.

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