Dear Mason Plumlee

DALLAS, TX - APRIL 11: Mason Plumlee
DALLAS, TX - APRIL 11: Mason Plumlee /

Dear Mason Plumlee,

Last week, you wrote a letter of your own to Nuggets fans. Now, I felt that it was time that I wrote one back to you.

You and I met briefly last season when you first came to Denver. I sat through several post practice interviews and you’ve said some things that really stuck with, not just me, but with fans across Nuggets Nation.

Before I dive into any of that, I first want to start off with this; we are extremely happy to have you in Denver. One thing you should know: we are a city that is very passionate about our sports. To put it lightly, Nuggets fans are very loyal. You’ve even acknowledged it and said it yourself.

"This is an exciting, talented young team with a bunch of high character guys and I’ve always admired the loyalty and dedication of Nuggets fans."

From the encounters that I have had with you, it is clear to see that you are a very kind-hearted with a heart of gold. We can see that you’re very passionate and willing to do whatever it is that this team needs you to do.

The fact that you have admitted multiple times that you are willing to fulfill any role that you are given. I’ve heard you say that time and time again in interviews. You even restated that when you wrote your letter to us last week.

"If I want you to know anything about me, it’s that I will do whatever it takes to win basketball games and I will expect the same of my teammates."

It should be said that we love the fact that you want to get to know our city. We want for you to get to know our city too. Denver has a lot to offer and we hope that you will love it as much as we do.

"Any other fun ideas reach out on social media, or text me anytime on my Superphone at 931-805-4447. I want to hear your recommendations. I want to know what makes Denver great and why everyone keeps moving here."

With all of that being said, we truly hope that you like it here and enjoy the city, people, team, and fan base because we will stay loyal to you through the thick and the thin. That’s what Nuggets fan do.

We’re excited to see what this season brings.


Nuggets Fans