Nuggets: A look at their road troubles

HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 22: James Harden
HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 22: James Harden /

The Nuggets lost to the Mavericks on the road showcasing how bad they are away from home

The Denver Nuggets have been night and day this season away from the Pepsi Center. They currently possess a 10-2 record at home, but are a putrid 3-8 on the road.

After being man handled by the Mavericks, it is clear what the main weakness of the Nuggets is this year. It is traveling away from home.

Again, Denver has been now defeated by teams such as the Knicks, Lakers and Mavericks this year. All teams they were supposed to beat. The common denominator in these three losses? All of them were on the road.

Imagine where the Nuggets would be in the West right now if they had a sub par road record to pair with their home record. As the Nuggets embark on a big road trip without their two stars in Nikola Jokic and Paul Millsap, things are not looking good.

They were able to hold down the fort without Jokic at home, but keep in mind it was the lowly Lakers and Bulls they overcame. Not exactly contenders they barely squeaked past. Their passing production also massively dips while on the road as well.

While this road trip will feature some of the lesser teams in the league this year, Denver seems to be headed for a trap with the way they underachieve on the road. Nikola Jokic is not going to be around to save the day for a few more games and Paul Millsap certainly isn’t returning soon.

In addition, the Nuggets need to find some way to translate some type of success on the road. They can start by getting production from somewhere else. Gary Harris and Jamal Murray cannot do it all.

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This road trip will truly display the Nuggets’ full colors. Let’s hope they are a little brighter than they were against the Dallas Mavericks.