Denver found their missing link

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 23: Wilson Chandler
OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 23: Wilson Chandler /

The Denver Nuggets have found their missing link and he has been on the roster the entire time.

The Denver Nuggets have already started off better than they did last year. However, their have still been a fair share of downs to go with the ups.

Denver Nuggets
Denver Nuggets /

Denver Nuggets

Ever since Paul Millsap went down, they have needed other role players to step up. One of them was Trey Lyles. However, in the past couple of games, someone new has emerged. It is a current starter many were expecting to do great things at the beginning of the year.

Remember Wilson Chandler? Chandler has had a great couple of games and it has been contagious to Denver’s production in a good way. I will admit, I was a little hard on Wilson at the beginning of the year. If the reports are true, Wilson gets a bit of a pass since he was not 100% healthy battling a bad back. Now that he is back at full health, Chandler is giving us last year’s Wilson Chandler.

His past couple of games have helped propel the Nuggets to a two game win streak winning two games on the road as underdogs. The first was against the Trail Blazers where they won in Portland for the first time since 2013. The second was in Golden State the night after where they snapped the Warriors’ 11 game win streak.

A lot of this success was due to Wilson Chandler stepping up and providing a scoring lift. Not to mention, he is showing the versatility he is well known for. With or without Millsap, the Nuggets chances of winning get significantly easier when Chandler is rolling and hopefully he will be the new X factor going forward as Millsap continues to rehab from his wrist injury.

The missing link has been on the roster all along, he just has not been quite at 100% until now.