Monte Morris is making a name for himself

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Denver Nuggets (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Monte Morris has been a feel good story for the Denver Nuggets.

Monte Morris of the Denver Nuggets is quickly proving to be a major steal of his respective draft class.

He showed some impressive skill in the Summer League which resulted in him getting a contract on the active roster for the Denver Nuggets. Originally, this was viewed as an insurance policy since we did not know when newly acquired Isaiah Thomas would return to NBA action.

However, Denver may have found a diamond in the rough as he has proven to be a quality backup point guard behind Jamal Murray.

In a way, the Nuggets have found their version of the Denver Broncos’ own Phillip Lindsay, an undrafted rookie half back who made his way to the starting job and is now one of only two Denver Broncos headed to the NFL Pro Bowl.

With Monte Morris’ recent play, the Nuggets could actually have a dilemma on their hands in terms of the backup point guard spot when Isaiah Thomas returns to action. Morris has been playing at a level which is almost on the same plain as Terry Rozier in terms of quality backup point guards in the whole league.

Now that we have gushed over how great Monte Morris is for the Denver Nuggets, we should dive right into the stats which show just how efficient the young point guard is playing this season.

We already know about his great assist to turnover ration (4.1 to 0.7), but he does much more than take care of the ball. Without further adieu, let’s take a closer look at Morris’ play.

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