Keys to winning game 7


The Denver Nuggets take on the Portland Trail Blazers in a game 7 in the Western Conference Semifinals.

If the Denver Nuggets win game 7 this Sunday they will advantage to the Western Conference finals to take on the Golden State Warriors.

Both teams appear to be tired in this series and this should give the youthful Denver Nuggets an edge. This was evident in game 6 when both teams got into an altercation over a minor foul.

Jamal Murray has been on fire this series and is averaging 24.7 PPG.  And the Joker is averaging nearly a triple-double this season. Paul Millsap has been critical for the Nuggets’s success in this series. He has been averaging 21. 3 PPG and 8 RPG in Denver’s wins over the Portland Trail Blazers in the semifinals.  Expect for Jamal Murray and the Joker to have huge games. However, Paul Millsap will need to be great for the Nuggets to win.

In wins against Portland Trail Blazers, the Nuggets bench is averaging 28.0 PPG. Denver’s bench will need to play better as well for Denver to win.Despite the Nuggets and Trail Blazers being consistent franchises, they have not had very little playoff experience.

The Trail Blazers have not advanced to the second round in 4 years. And it has been nearly 20 years since the Trail Blazers have been to the Western Conference Finals.

Similarly, the Nuggets have not been to the playoffs in 6 years. The Nuggets have also not made it out of the first round in 10  seasons. In the past 34 seasons, the Nuggets have been to the Western Conference finals twice. And the Nuggets have made it to the second round only  two other times in the last 25 seasons.

This is a big game for both franchise. This is a big game for both cities. Both teams desperately want to win. Watch for Physical play in game 7.

Despite their defensive struggles during the regular season, the Nuggets have done an amazing job slowing down Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum this series.

However, the Denver Nuggets also needs to be concerned about stopping Seth Curry, Collins, Rodney Hood, and Enes Kanter. These players have given Portland major production this series.

In game 6 and game 3 Rodney Hood came up big for the Trail Blazers. As coach Mike Malone mentioned after game 6.

Rodney Hood was the MVP of the game and had a huge impact

Expect these players to really step it up today.

Key to Denver’s win in game 7 against the San Antonio Spurs was controlling the pace of the game and moving the ball. The Nuggets are one of the best passing teams in the NBA and play really fast pace basketball.

Denver playing Denver basketball will be key to winning this game.

However, win or lose, making it to a game 7 in the Western Conference Semifinals is a huge accomplishment for both franchises!