Denver Nuggets: Worst-Case Scenario for the 2019-20 Season

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Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

The Denver Nuggets have elite talent in Nikola Jokic with multiple young guys behind him. Everything could also go wrong in 2019-20.

The Denver Nuggets have the talent to make a lot of noise this season. As we’ve talked about throughout the offseason, it’s all about their depth especially against the top teams in the Western Conference that went all in to acquire superstars this offseason. With their depth, they have the luxury of allowing younger players to develop without forcing them into action before they’re ready.

In 2019-20, Denver has the chance to do some special things to give them one of the team’s best seasons in history. They also could quickly go the complete opposite direction as we’ve seen some of the NBA’s best teams always do. Just because they have good players and a good system doesn’t mean that they’re locked into a certain seed in the playoffs. This is what we’re looking at for the Nuggets today.

What if, instead of everything going right, everything went wrong? Between injuries, shots not falling or other reasons, it’s easy for a team to fall by the wayside. Ask the Detroit Pistons about it. They were in line for a top-four or five seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs for about half of last season. Down the stretch, issues happened that caused them to barely sneak into the playoffs at the last second.

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