King of the Hill: Denver Nuggets Versus Los Angeles Lakers

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Tuesday night’s contest of Denver Nuggets versus Los Angeles Lakers is a battle of wits and brawn. Nugg Love breaks down everything you need to know.

Tonight’s results aren’t the absolute measurement of supremacy in the Western Conference. However, the matchup is a litmus test of some sort. Denver Nuggets versus Los Angeles Lakers: the King vs. the prince. A real king, not the kings only by title in Sacramento. LeBron James and Anthony Davis versus the best defensive team in the NBA spells a long-winded battle.

A cleansing of the pallet would do wonders for the Nuggets after such a disappointing loss to the Sacramento Kings. Mike Malone is not a coach who dwells on what-ifs or begs for pity. Look for the Nuggets to come out as engaged as we’ve seen them all season. A win doesn’t shift Denver to the best team in the league, but it will legitimize the optics of its championship status.

Nikola Jokic, a player who’s no stranger to early-season critiquing, must battle a depth chart full of frontcourt behemoths. If Denver is serious about overtaking the throne from its Western Conference overlords, hesitation can’t be in the team’s vocabulary. Denver’s approach to defense is the indicator of what kind of game to expect.

Denver Nuggets versus Los Angeles Lakers might decide who reigns supreme at season’s end. It’s plausible the two championship hopefuls meet in the Western Conference Finals. Still, it’s a game in early December. However, momentum does exist, and a victory tonight ensures a boost in team morale.

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