Denver Nuggets: Pros and cons to season restarting

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With the NBA season potentially starting up again soon, the Denver Nuggets might be one of the teams to benefit the most.

The Denver Nuggets finished their season abruptly and on a sour note after they dropped a winnable game in Dallas against the Mavericks. With the news of the NBA’s suspension spreading like jet fuel, many justifiably wondered if we were going to see NBA basketball again at all until the following season, let alone anything resembling a normal season.

But the Denver Nuggets might be in a good spot given the league’s new rules. Extended rests, and a training camp for players to return and get their legs under them would be tremendous for the team’s chances in the event the NBA returns in mid-June, as rumor has it. Denver’s roster is well built with a good mix of young and older players, and in the mile-high altitude, opponents are going to struggle as a result.

The Nuggets were third in the western conference when play stopped, and their quest to avenge their heartbreaking seven game defeat in the playoffs to the Portland Trail Blazers was upended. How younger teams like the Dallas Mavericks, New Orleans Pelicans, and Memphis Grizzlies react is anybody’s guess, and the Nuggets are one of the veteran teams that could take advantage of their youth.

How might coaches change up their philosophy? Could the Nuggets end up losing their notably impactful home court advantage? Here are some pros and cons for the Nuggets and the season restarting.

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