Nuggets should bring back Gallinari

The Denver Nuggets are in need of shooting. Danilo Gallinari can provide plenty of it.

The Denver Nuggets checked in at only 15th in the league in three point shooting when play stopped. Danilo Gallinari is a career 38 percent three point shooter, and gained most of his status in the league as a streaky forward for the Nuggets.

Denver will likely have only the mid-level exception available to them, meaning their ability to break the bank for high-priced free agents is severely compromised. However, having the full mid-level exception available to them is more than enough to secure a key rotation piece on an affordable enough contract.

Gallinari will be 32 years old next season, meaning his value is slowly decreasing. The Nuggets could easily woo him back home with a three year deal that pays him near or just over $10 million a year. Jamal Murray, Nikola Jokic, and Gary Harris badly need more floor spacing in order to secure some more one-on-one opportunities for themselves.

Gallinari is more than familiar with the mile high surroundings. He spent six years with the Nuggets after flailing with the New York Knicks. He quickly established himself as a dangerous shooter who earlier on in his career was pretty adept at putting the ball on the floor and stepping inside the three point line as well.

Now that his already questionable athleticism has slipped, he has become more efficient and has a lightning fast release on his shot.  He is coming off a year in which he shot 43 percent from three point range with the Clippers, which was second best for his career behind his rookie season. The Nuggets’ offense would elevate to levels unseen with the type of consistent shooting that the Italian forward could bring.

He has also developed a reputation as a player who can go in and out of top playing shape, but he received All-NBA votes his last year with the Clippers despite not being a focal part of the offense. The Nuggets don’t have a ton of resources at their disposal, but would be smart to throw their mid-level exception at Gallinari.