Rumor: Paul Millsap believes he has three more years of earning power

Will the Denver Nuggets and veteran forward Paul Millsap have an amicable split in the offseason?

In what’s one of the most pivotal offseasons in recent memory for the Denver Nuggets, veteran forward Paul Millsap will be entering free agency with the three-year, $90 million contract he signed in 2017.

There’s no question of if there’s mutual interest between the two sides in re-signing. Nuggets president of basketball operations Tim Connelly wants Millsap to retire with Denver and Millsap has expressed interest in returning to the team.

However, Millsap appears to believe he has at least three seasons left of substantial earning power. As the Nuggets have Millsap’s Bird right, they can re-sign him for any amount they would like but Denver has to decide how much he’s worth.

Per The Denver Post’s Mark Kizla:

“I do honestly believe that basketball ops director Tim Connelly wants Millsap to finish his career in Denver. But I also hear word that Millsap believes he has three years of earning power remaining.”

In discussing his impending free agency, Millsap expressed that he would like to play for several more seasons and that money will be a significant factor in his offseason decisions.

As Millsap has already been suggested as a potential target for the Miami Heat this offseason, it would appear that there are multiple teams that could have interest in bringing him into the fold.

Millsap’s play has declined along with his athleticism, but he’s a better shooter, more savvy and tougher than he’s ever been. That makes him a great addition to a playoff contender that wants to add to their stable of talent — like the Heat — and for young teams that need an elder statesman to lead the locker room and drive the culture.

Frankly, it wouldn’t be altogether too surprising for Millsap to sign a relatively lucrative contract this offseason.

However, unless Millsap’s market value is much lower than he thought, it doesn’t seem like the team he’ll be playing for will be the Nuggets.