Four players Michael Porter Jr can expose in the playoffs

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Michael Porter Jr is a skilled offensive weapon for the Denver Nuggets and will be the key to their playoff success.

Despite standing at 6-foot-10, he can get to any spot on the floor. He is confident with his jumper off the dribble and his blend of size and athleticism truly mirrors a young Kevin Durant.

Since Jamal Murray has gone down, Porter is coming into his own and he has been forced to be the secondary scoring option behind MVP candidate Nikola Jokic.

Porter’s skill allows him to be a real matchup nightmare every time he touches the floor. There are some elite teams in the Western Conference who should be worried about their potential matchup with the young scorer. With the injury to Murray, Porter needs to be prepared to take over and dominate matchups, here is who I think he should target on the top five teams from the West.

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