Happy Thanksgiving: Five Things for Nuggets Fans to Cheer

Nuggets, Aaron Gordon, Nikola Jokic (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Nuggets, Aaron Gordon, Nikola Jokic (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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Denver Nuggets: Players are pulling hard for each other

This one, of course, is hard to measure by numbers. Yet the team seems to genuinely battle and pull for each other.

When Dozier went down, the bench sank and teammates later asked for prayers. They felt it. Give credit to Coach Michael Malone for helping focus his team in that moment and beyond. I’ve seen football teams with less injuries than the Nuggets during this early-season adversity.

I love that Jamal Murray, who Malone has dubbed “Coach Murray,” enjoys a regular spot on the bench. And it’s entertaining to watch Jokic still lobbying officials in street clothes.

On the court, there have been moments of miscommunication and hands raised after missed switches and the like. If you look on the bright aside, it shows players who still care deeply and are getting run with a constantly shuffling rotation of teammates.

With the exception of the sluggish outing against the Philadelphia 76ers, the pace can feel too frenzied at times (especially without Jokic). Yet on a team that has suffered one injury after another and could fold, it’s far better seeing players trying to do too much rather than too little.