Grading the Denver Nuggets 2022 offseason acquisitions

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The Denver Nuggets were one of the most active teams during this offseason. The team started things off by extending two-time MVP Nikola Jokic, giving him the richest contract in NBA history and new GM, Calvin Booth, wasn’t afraid to wheel and deal to upgrade this roster around the big three.

There have been some solid acquisitions, and there have been some not-so-good acquisitions. Let’s take a look and grade the transactions that the team has made during the offseason.

Denver Nuggets offseason grades: DeAndre Jordan – D+

The first free agent that the Nuggets acquired this offseason was DeAndre Jordan. This was a move that seemed a little strange because it was one of the first signings announced when free agency began, and because Jordan has not been the DeAndre Jordan we saw on the LA Clippers in a long time.

He was barely playable last season during his stints with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers. For the Nuggets to think that he was someone they should bring in to be a backup center was a confusing move. He lacks the athleticism that was there earlier in his career, and there is not a lot to look forward to having him on the floor.

Unless the plan is to give Zeke Nnaji more minutes and have Jordan on the roster for an insurance policy, then this was one of the more confusing moves to begin free agency.

It just has too many question marks to be considered a good move. Maybe during the season he can go back in time and become reminiscent of Jordan in the past, but that seems unlikely.

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