3 trades the Denver Nuggets were right to avoid this offseason

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The Denver Nuggets have always been a team that can fit in and compete but never one that’s good enough to win the whole thing. This is a common notion that’s been circulating around Mile High for the last couple of decades as a team that has yet to win an NBA championship, has never reached the NBA Finals, and has just four Western Conference Finals appearances over the last 49 seasons.

Although, they have remained a threat in their respective division and conference due to the amount of talent they’ve been able to acquire. Back in the day, Denver wasn’t afraid to make big splashes in free agency and the trade market. Reeling in quality talent like J.R. Smith, Chauncey Billups, and Allen Iverson, to name a few.

In recent years, they’ve appeared to be more reluctant in this department. In fact, the entirety of the team’s big three (Jokic, Murray, and MPJ) were all drafted by the Nuggets and are expected to be a key part of the franchise’s future.

That being said, Denver was fairly active this past offseason in trading for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and signing guys like Bruce Brown and DeAndre Jordan. All of whom are projected to see some serious minutes next season. However, everybody knows that just as important as pulling the trigger on trades is understanding when to show restraint and refuse to make a deal.

While the teams that were more involved in the trade market this offseason should certainly be commended for their actions. If you’re a team like the Denver Nuggets, who have limited trade assets, cap space, and moveable pieces but remain a key player in the Western Conference. It probably made more sense to pass on a few of these monster trades.

Here are three trades, in particular, that look good on paper but that the Denver Nuggets were right to avoid.

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