1 player the Nuggets could steal away from the 2 Finals teams this offseason

2024 NBA Finals - Game Two
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Player from the Mavericks: Derrick Jones Jr.

This may be a little ambitious, but DJJ would be a perfect addition to the Nuggets this summer. Jones Jr. has been a revelation in Dallas as he’s really come on down the stretch and become a meaningful two-way role player on the wing. 

Jones has the length and athleticism to anchor a defense on the wing. He can stay in front of some of the best perimeter players and use his abilities to cause chaos and turnovers. Offensively, he’s always had a lot of bounce and finishing abilities, but this year he’s become a rock-solid three-point shooter as well and he’s found ways to attack closeouts and finish around the rim.

A big part of his success can be reasonably tied to Luka Doncic creating offensively, but Jones has shown that he can at least play off of an elite offensive engine. Jokic can be that type of engine for the Nuggets and Jones could easily thrive in a similar role. He has the adaptability to slide into the starting lineup or be a key 6th man off the bench.

The problem for Denver is that Jones has played so well this year that he may have earned a much bigger contract this offseason. The Mavericks will likely try to retain DJJ at all costs but if he hits the open market he’ll be highly coveted by a number of contending teams. If the Nuggets lose Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, they could be able to offer their exception to Jones and he may be willing to take it for an ideal role.