The 10 greatest Nuggets in history, ranked by Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

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10. Kenneth Faried - 19.6 PER

Faried was a high-motor, undersized big man for the Nuggets from 2011-2018. He was a good player, but never an all-star or go-to guy. In his Denver career, Faried averaged 11.4 points and 8.2 rebounds per game.

But he brought constant energy and effort to the team and a toughness that can’t be captured with statistics. One criticism of PER is that it can favor big men, and one could argue that’s the case with Faried.

He was never a great defender, and at just 6’8” he struggled with bigger post players. But he lacked a perimeter game on both ends and offered no shooting or floor spacing. It worked in his era, but Faried’s skills became obsolete as he aged and found it harder to find a role in the league.

He was part of some good Nuggets teams that were successful in the regular season, but he was never an all-star. He was a fan favorite in Denver and a very good role player for several years.

More than anything, Faried’s inclusion on this list is a reflection on the Nuggets franchise history. But there are a few notable guards who are absent from this list that most fans would argue have had a far greater positive impact on the Nuggets franchise.