10 ideal free agent fits for the Denver Nuggets after the 2024 NBA draft

With free agency opening up on Sunday night, here's a look at 10 realistic options for the Denver Nuggets to target who would fit what the team needs.
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No. 1 - Spencer Dinwiddie, Guard

Dinwiddie is one of the best options on the market who can run an offense and shoot. He should have plenty left in the tank and he has decent size and athleticism for his position. He’s got his flaws and hasn’t quite been able to be a primary creator or starting point guard but as a backup?

He would be more than qualified and would instantly be a huge upgrade over Reggie Jackson. Dinwiddie has had some tough luck in recent years with injuries and trades; he’s had a hard time finding a consistent role on a team for long without being moved.

But even with the constant changes in scenery, he has career averages of 13.3 points and 5.2 assists per game with decent efficiency. He’s still just 31 years old and there’s plenty of reason to believe that in a clear, defined bench role, put in a position to succeed he could do very well.

Dinwiddie has shined in a similar position before (4th in 6MOY for the Nets in 2019) and in Denver, he could be able to recapture that magic. It would be a great boost for a depleted and inexperienced bench that could use as much firepower as it can get.