10 ideal free agent fits for the Denver Nuggets after the 2024 NBA draft

With free agency opening up on Sunday night, here's a look at 10 realistic options for the Denver Nuggets to target who would fit what the team needs.
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No. 9 - Joe Ingles, Guard/Forward

It’s hard to tell how much Ingles has left in the tank, but luckily his game was never predicated on speed and athleticism. Ingles can still shoot and pass the ball and he has the smarts to still operate as a secondary playmaker on offense.

Playing alongside a basketball savant like Jokic should also help bring out the best in Ingles and he should be able to fit in like a glove and make beautiful basketball on the offensive end. The defense could definitely be a question mark, but again he has the size and smarts to get by on that end.

If he stays healthy and can get in good shape, bringing a vet like Ingles off the bench would be a boon for the Nuggets. He could step in and run the offense for stretches when needed and he could just as easily space the floor in the corner. 

He’s just a really good, really solid professional basketball player. Hopefully, he has one more run in him and he wants to come chase a ring in Denver. On paper, his skill set would be an excellent fit with the way the Nuggets play and he could provide some steadiness to a bench full of young athletes.